Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
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Lockdowns and Coronavirus restrictions in the UK at the end of 2020 corresponded with a  sharp rise in online gambling. Cookie Casino became very indicative, which began to gain momentum in growth.

The UK’s Gambling Commission found that online gaming companies saw a 30% in gross revenue from November to December. 

This increase in revenue was associated with a 12% increase in bet value and a 6% in gemblers during that same timeframe.

The UK’s Gambling Commission revealed that slot bets hit a record of 6 billion in December while players’ accounts also reached new heights, peaking at 3 million.

The analysis has coverage of over 80% of the domestic online gambling sphere and reveals just how big of an impact Coronavirus lockdowns have had on online gambling in the United Kingdom.

Why Has Online Gambling Surged In The UK?

Physical betting establishments were forced to close in England when the country entered tier 4 Coronavirus lockdown in December, starting in London before sweeping throughout the country in the lead-up to Christmas.

Throughout December, the number of UK citizens under strict lockdown continued to increase. By Christmas, it was estimated over 40% of England’s population were confined to their residence.

Residents from Wales and Scotland were also prohibited from gambling in person as betting shops were closed and lockdowns ordered.

December wasn’t the first time physical gambling stores had been negatively affected during the pandemic. All over the UK, they were forced to close during the shutdown in November.

The UK Betting and Gaming Council analysis showed that thousands of physical betting locations were forced to close throughout the UK from the middle of November to the end of December.

The UK Gambling Commission said the most recent rise in gambling is very similar to the rise that occurred during Coronavirus restrictions in spring. They believe there is a cause-and-effect relationship as gamblers were forced online to find betting action.

December has most likely experienced a peak in online gambling because during the first lockdowns in spring, all sporting events were cancelled; however, during the December restrictions, major events were still taking place.

As Brits are stuck at home and dealing with the stress of Coronavirus lockdowns, this could lead to an increase in problem gambling. 

Gambling watchdogs said providers need to monitor gamblers who have been playing slot machines and are now increasing their total bets by adding sports betting to their wagers after the reintroduction of sports events.

The warning was issued after UK gambling companies were forced to establish new standards to protect players from addictive behaviour.

These new procedures included reducing the speed bets could be made at and the removal of features that made a loss a positive experience.

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